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Stucco decoration

Stucco decoration is a great way to decorate the interior of your house or apartment in whatever style it may be exposed. The appearance of polyurethane stucco simplify this task in several times.

Practical and lightweight stucco decoration quickly won popularity among designers, architects and builders, because of excellent technical characteristics, stylish design, flawless surface, well designed small parts.

Present to your attention a collection of stucco decoration Europlast.

Material: polyurethane foam.
Made in Russia.

EUROPLAST company is currently the only Russian manufacturer of quality stucco interior decoration. Ceiling cornice, ceiling moldings, moldings, pilasters and columns, door frame elements constitute the basis of the stucco decoration collection EUROPLAST. All cornices and moldings are produced both in hard and in a flexible variants, which is a huge advantage over other collections. Assortment of stucco decoration EUROPLAST is constantly expanding.


Stucco decorations were an essential part of the palace’s decoration and the aristocracy's houses. Decor was perceived as architectural extravagances in the epoch of mass building. However, agree that even simple ceiling rosettes and concise cornices,which remained in the houses of the old fund, make the interior finer and more elegant.

Increased interest in the stucco decoration is caused by two factors today. First,we first heard about the products of polyurethane and polystyrene, successfully copying classical moldings of plaster about 10 years ago, and the procedure of decorating was simplified and became faster. Second, Now practical style of interior decoration is replaced by a variety of artistic techniques in a new interpretation of classic or linear geometric forms, natural colors and rounded parts artdeco, delicately hinting at the richness of the owners.

Polyurethane stucco décoris the cheapest way to decorate the room , rather than casting metal elements. In old times stucco created by hand directly on the surface. Today ready stucco products adheres to decorated surface. In common parlance, metal cast parts of facades and carved interior décor are also called stucco.

Many people are convinced that color of stucco decoration should be white.Of course, white color conveys the spectacular beauty of the intricate stucco curls on the background of bright walls pasted textile wallpaper or just painted . But many people prefer stucco decoration in pastel shades. In this case, the graceful lines of the painted cornices and borders will be small but showy decorative touches in the interior, and the colored stucco decoration will give a festive atmosphere.